Business Communications: A New Approach To Conflict Resolution (Ezine Article)

By Nick Arrizza, M.D.

So you find yourself at odds with one of your colleagues at work and you want to make the best of a difficult situation. What should you do?

Well I ask you to look deep within yourself and ask the following question:

“What is the worst thing that I will feel if I don’t get my needs met?”

Notice I emphasize the issue of what you will “feel” because at the end of the day this is, whether you acknowledge it or not, what will matter most to you.

You may think that its not getting your needs met that is more important than what you feel. If that were the case and your feelings about the outcome were irrelevant then you would actually feel “detached” from the outcome and it would not in fact matter to you, would it?

So you see it all boils down to what you think and are afraid you will “feel” if your needs are not met.

Feelings such as: inadequacy, weakness, neediness, emptiness, fear of not surviving, fear of appearing weak or stupid, fear of feeling shame or embarrassment, etc.

The conflict that ensues is actually, at its most basic level about preventing an outcome that would cause you to feel such feelings.

Now suppose that you could make yourself immune to such negative feelings. That is you could completely detach yourself emotionally from the outcome. How does that feel to you?

Initially you might think that it will take away any motivation to get your needs met. Well think again. Isn’t the need that you are most trying to get met that of not feeling the negative feelings I listed above?

Well then, if that was guaranteed, so to speak, your needs would be immediately met, wouldn’t they? In which case the actual outcome would become a mute point, wouldn’t it?

You would be feeling in spite of the outcome, calm, emotionally detached, neutral, resilient, strong, confident, empowered, content, joyful etc.

Isn’t that what you really want?

How is this detachment to be achieved?

Well with a new modality called the Mind Resonance Process(TM) (MRP).

You can download a free audio sample of MRP at the web link below if you wish to get started on this journey.

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