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10 Tips for Preventing Conflict in Your Business

Conflict in Business Do you want to prevent or minimize conflict in a corporate/business setting? What you’ll need to do is increase the quality, clarity and frequency, of communication — making it integrated, effective, and consistent. How do you do that? Improve yourself. You are the communication. There can be no separation between who you […]

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Dispute Management Information & FAQs

What is Dispute Management? Dispute management and conflict resolution is premised upon an assertive, empathetic, and realistic construct. A competent mediator helps the parties actually embrace their conflict by using innovative, proven techniques for resolution. The competent mediator is trained to enable the parties to essentially build a bridge through the conflict, forging a way […]

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Conflict Resolution Blog

New Blog Posts Be sure to check out our new and improved Conflict Resolution Blog! New posts come out every Monday at 10 AM EST. The posts cover a range of topic including (but not limited to): alternative dispute resolution, class action arbitrations, general conflict resolution, effective communication, mediation information and tips, settlement negotiations, and […]

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